12 Ways to Procrastinate
During Finals Study Period

By Danielle Elefritz
BU News Service

12.Will it BlendBlendtec blenders try to blend everything from Silly Putty to hearing aids to Justin Beiber.

11. Remember Cartoon Network‘s Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort game?

10. Warner Brother’s Space Jam webpage has not been updated since the movie’s release in 1996.

9. Remember Lemonade Stand on CoolMath4Kids.com?  Yeah, that still exists.  Play it here!

8. Bet you can’t match each state with its capital city.  Test your knowledge here!

7. Have you ever watched the Youtube series Most Popular Girls in School?  Watch the first episode here.  Already seen it?  Why not rewatch it? There’s 58, 3 minute episodes, that should kill some time.

6. Check out this site where an orca whale follows your mouse around the screen.  Addicting isn’t it?

5. Ever want to be a wine snob? or at least actually know the difference between an oaky wine and an acidic one? Check out Wine Folly, which teaches beginners everything from how to swirl wine to how to pair your wine with food or most importantly, how to how to make your cheap wine taste better.  You’ll be annoying your friends in no time.

4. Ever heard of the Clinton Body Count conspiracy theory?  Supposedly President Bill Clinton, during his presidency and before, was secretly assassinating his associates.  Read all about it here.  Or here.

3. Too excited for Mad Men to return for its final season to study?  Me too.  You should “Mad Men yourself” to help ease the wait.

2. Who is Roz Savage and why is she rowing across the Pacific?  Find out here or watch thousands of other archived TED Talks here.

1. Finally, I leave you the holy grail of procrastination, Netflix. You’re welcome.

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