Giving Money Makes You Happier

According to Harvard Business school researcher Michael Norton, giving money to others actually makes you happier. But how you give makes a huge difference.

Bells Ring in Tribute

AUDIO: Two self-taught bell ringers join churches around the world in tribute to the dozens injured and 4 killed in last week’s attack, Taylor Walker reports, photos by Jun Tsuboike.

AUDIO: Reflections on Thursday Remembrance

Thousands gathered on Thursday’s remembrance of the three killed in the Marathon bombing on Patriot’s day. President Barack Obama addressed the commonwealth at the interfaith service organized by Governor Patrick..

AUDIO: Runners Reflect

Reporter Taylor Walker caught up with marathon runners who reflected on Monday’s events.

Good Dog! Bad Dog!

Reporter Kasha Patel reports on what motivates animals to be good or bad, and how it’s connected to human behavior

Judging Beer in Boston

BU News Service radio reporter Andrew Bunker reports on the 18th annual Boston Home Brewers Competition and how beer is judged in the city.

Nemo Prompts Record Grocery Sales

Image: Shoppers like up outside Trader Joe's in Kenmore-Fenway prior to the arrival of storm Nemo Thursday night. (Photo by Taylor Walker/BU News Service)

AUDIO: Crowds of Boston residents and visitors storm into supermarkets in the Fenway-Kenmore area in a effort to gear up for the storm, Taylor Walker Reports. …