In Brookline, Voters Take to the Polls

BROOKLINE- Voters young and old braved the chilly autumn weather in Brookline to cast their votes on Election Day. ay Chaudry, a 37-year-old Brookline resident, tried …

Ardent Republican Casts Lukewarm Vote for Romney

By Selin Thomas Boston University News Service  BROOKLINE -There are two things Roger Gartland seriously dislikes: lines, and liberals. Today though, at the Coolidge Corner Library in Brookline, the Republican was willing to deal with the former in order to avoid dealing with the latter for another four years. “Don’t

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Allston-Brighton Residents Head to the Polls

By Jessica Pratti, Irene Berman-Vaporis and Alex Wagner Boston University News Service BOSTON —Citizens eager to cast their vote for the next President swarmed Allston-Brighton polling locations throughout Election Day on Tuesday. Polls for Allston-Brighton residents opened at 7 a.m. this morning, with some locations open as early as 6 a.m.

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Mass.: No Battleground State, But Still A Campaign Financial Engine

By Corey Kane Boston University News Service  WASHINGTON—Massachusetts will not be a presidential battleground when the votes are counted Tuesday, but it nonetheless has proven to be one of this year’s most critical states in filling the campaign war chests of this year’s presidential aspirants. The Bay State boasts the

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Students Tie Vote to Future Prospects

Image: Maddie Lutkewitte

As students in the Boston area go to the polls, some say they’re casting their vote to ensure that their generation has a say in shaping the future, and that despite a lack of enthusiasm among students that marked the 2008 election, it’s too …

Confusion Reigns With Question No. 1

BOSTON— Voters have been getting mixed messages on whether they should vote for Question 1 — the right-to-repair bill — on the Nov. 6 ballot. Earlier this fall, a coalition of auto repair shops that placed the question on the ballot joined with auto …