Joe Kennedy Wins

Newly elected Representative Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts embraces Mayor Setti Warren of Newton, Mass., as he takes the stage to give his victory speech at the Newton Marriot on Tuesday night. (Photo by Alexa Gonzalez Wagner/BU News Service)

Romney Supporters React

Republican supporters watch losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney as he gives his concession speech on the ballroom floor in the Boston Convention Center. (Photo by Billie Weiss/BU News Service)

Romney Concedes

Losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivers his concession speech to an audience of Republican supporters at the Boston Convention Center, the site of the Romney-Ryan election night headquarters. (Photo by Billie Weiss/BU News Service)

Warren Victory Wave

Elizabeth Warren addresses supporters during her victory speech in Boston on Tuesday night. Warren was elected the first woman senator of Massachusetts. (Photo by Cat Ring/BU News Service)

Watching Results

Scott Brown’s supporters look subdued as results come in ¬†at the Park Plaza Hotel Tuesday night. (Photo by Christopher Weigl/BU News Service)

Brown Concedes

Incumbent Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown jokes with the audience during his concession speech to the packed ballroom at the Park Plaza Hotel on Tuesday. Brown lost the race to Democrat Elizabeth Warren. (Photo by Christopher Weigl/BU News Service)

Brown Supporters React

Courtney Duffy, a campaign worker, cries at Scott Brown’s headquarters at the Park Plaza Hotel after Brown’s Democratic rival, Elizabeth Warren, was declared the winner. Photo by (Christopher Weigl/BU News Service)