Urban Agriculture On Rise

Farming in the city may seem counter-intuitive, but the trend of urban agriculture is on the rise. Boston is no exception.

VIDEO: Owner Cited in Fatal House Fire

The landlord of the overcrowded Allston house could be facing criminal charges after a fire Sunday that killed one BU student and injured fifteen other residents. Authorities issued a citation stating that the owner failed to follow proper inspection guidelines.

VIDEO: A Minute of Silence

Today marked the one week anniversary of last Monday’s fatal Marathon Monday bombings. A minute of silence was conducted in front of Boston University’s College of Communication to honor the victims. Sandeep Chandrasekhar has the story.

Students Living With Chronic Disease

Being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and living a normal life as a student can sometimes seem at odds. Patrick Thomas reports on several students living with chronic diseases at BU.

VIDEO: Bioterror Lab Open For Business?

Researchers in Boson University’s so-called bioterror lab are likely to start working with a deadly infectious disease next September, which has the community on edge. BUTV 10’s Alex Shi spoke with the lab directors about what they’re doing to calm those fears.