Students React to Same Sex Marriage Debate

Ben Levine reports live for BUTV 10’s News at Noon Wednesday, asking Boston University Students for their thoughts on the current Supreme Court case, as well as the popular red equal sign images on Facebook.

VIDEO: Homeless in Kenmore Square

Among the hustle and bustle of Kenmore Square, it’s easy to pass by those in need, but under the Westgate lives a man with a story, relying on faith and good spirits to get through the winter. By Brooke Singman BU News Service

BU Implements New Safety Procedures on Comm Ave

BOSTON – After two BU students were killed in bike accidents last semester, the school has implemented safety precautions to protect cyclists on Comm Ave. Improvements will include more warning signs, better bike lane markings, and the addition of highway reflectors. Recommended by a joint-BU-city group, all of the improvements

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VIDEO: Behind the Rising Gas Price

Drivers in Massachusetts and all across the nation are feeling the pain of the pump as gas price continue to rise. What’s the reason behind the rising gas price?…

JP Program Aims to Get Runners Off on Right Foot

JAMAICA PLAIN – When Owen Kendall entered Boston University’s School of Medicine in the fall of 2010, he was tired of padding his résumé. Like others attempting to get into medical school, Kendall had worked in labs …

VIDEO: Fung Wah Bus Terminal Isolated

Travelers who are planning to board the popular, low-priced Fung Wah Bus must make different arrangements. The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered the bus line to suspend its services. BUTV news reporter Brittnee Exum has the story.

Boston Morning: A Trip on the T

Like many other cities, Boston has its share of commuters who crowd public transportation every morning headed to work, school and other destinations. …