Nation Stands in Solidarity with Boston

This week, as front pages are covered in horrific images of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on Monday, the city has been receiving support and solidarity from all over the country and the world.

Spirit of Marathon Reflected in Willingness to Help

Many people have already written about how the Boston Marathon represents something more than a race. It serves as the one day where people around not just Boston, but the world, come to a 26.2-mile area and show support.

Students React to Same Sex Marriage Debate

Ben Levine reports live for BUTV 10’s News at Noon Wednesday, asking Boston University Students for their thoughts on the current Supreme Court case, as well as the popular red equal sign images on Facebook.

Nemo: The Aftermath

Currently a senior at Boston University, I never complained about the winter weather in this city during my previous three years. Raised in California, I never experienced snow until I got to college, sans a few skiing vacations …

Boston Tweets on Super Bowl XLVII

The Super Bowl is exciting no matter who you root for. But what do you think when your team isn’t in the mix? Here’s what Boston tweeters had to say about the Super Bowl. …

Front Door Only

By Whitney Tuthill Boston University News Service  “Now, citizens of Boston, don′t you think it is a scandal. That the people have to pay and pay?” This tune written by Jackie Steiner, back in 1964 for a mayoral campaign, represents the same sentiments of many MBTA passengers today. The lyrics

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