Conley Tries to Capture Last Minute Voters

By Ashley Paul
BU News Service


BOSTON— Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley, one of the twelve candidates vying for mayor, has made it a priority to meet and chat with the people in all of Boston’s neighborhoods. In his last weekend before today’s primary, Conley and his team set out on a power canvass: a door-to-door method of campaigning. This gives people the chance to personally ask the candidate any questions they may have and address any concerns about their area.

“We’ve been to East Boston and talked to them about revitalizing the waterfront, we’ve been to Allston/Brighton to talk about congestion with students, we’ve also been in High Park where they are hoping to see a lot more business development, West Roxbury where they have their concerns about traffic and safety, and we’ve been to senior buildings everywhere,” says Janet Spillet, one of his volunteers.

One of Conley’s campaign pledges is the “Better Jobs Now Plan” to help keep to economy moving forward in a fair and equal way.

“I want better jobs, to close the opportunity gap for our African American/Latino young people who are unemployed. That will make a better city if we can find work for everyone who lives here in our city,” says Conley.

With his experience as a district attorney, he says, he is able to make hard decisions and show the that leadership that Boston needs. He also focuses on education, public safety, and the environment.

“He has had forums across the city. A lot of senior forums, education forums, public health forums, park forums, open space and casino forums. You name it,”  Spillet says.

With twelve candidates running, polls are showing a tight race and the undecided voters will be key. In a WBUR poll conducted on September 19th, John Connelly is leading  with 15%. Dan Conley is currently tied in fourth place with 8% of votes. However, 19% of people say they are still undecided. Whoever can get their voters to the polls will get the edge. Dan Conley hopes his message is what gets people into his camp. He says he plans to take “education reform to the next level and close the achievement gap,” says Conley.



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