Latest On Big Races Across The Country

The Boston mayoral race has captivated the city but it is hardly the only hotly contested race in the nation. Other races from New York to Alabama stand to reshape American politics and policy.

  • Boston is holding the first mayoral election in over a decade. Mayor Menino is not running for reelection. John Connolly, 40, and Marty Walsh, 46, both Democrats, have made education their main issue. Connolly has led in recent polls, but Walsh has gathered last minute support from labor groups and minority voters. Update: Walsh will be next Boston mayor
  • In New Jersey’s gubernatorial election, the majority party candidates are the Republican Chris Christie, 51, and the Democrat Barbara Buono, 60. Buono focused on economic issues during the election to gather support, but Christie is better known and popular among voters. Update: Called for Chris Christie
  • The Virginia gubernatorial race has two candidates, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, 56, and Republican state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, 45. Democrats are favored in polls, a significant change from the 2009 race. Cuccinelli is 14 points behind McAuliffe with female voters. McAuliffe leads 84-3 with black voters. Update: Terry McAuliffe is projected winner.
  • In Alabama’s first Congressional District race both candidates are Republicans. Bradley Byrne, former head of the state’s community college system, 58, has better fundraising and is a favorite of the GOP. The Tea Party favorite is Dean Young, 49, who was 3 points ahead of his contender in a recent poll. The race has become a standoff between the Tea Party and the Washington Republicans. The latter has invested heavily in Byrne. Update: CNN projects Bradley Byrne.
  • In New York, Republican Joe De Lotha, 59, says he is in line with the previous mayor’s vision for the city, and Democrat Bill de Blasio, 52, opposes most of those views. It looks as if de Blasio, favored to win, would be the first Democratic mayor in New York since 1994. Update: CNN projects Bill de Blasio

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