Seventy-Year-Old Dancer Lives Her Dream

By Supriya Muppula
BU News Service

The ancient art of Indian classical dance began as an act of worship in temples. The traditional practice now thrives in Brookline where 70-year-old Neena Gulati trains others to dance every week.

Gulati founded New England’s Triveni Dance Studio in 1971. Growing up in India she dreamed of introducing her cultural roots to other countries.

“While I was in college here, I did a lot of performances,” says Gulati.

The acclaimed dancer says receiving an invitation to perform at the UN General Assembly in 1964 changed her life. Since moving to the US she has performed nationwide. Now, her passion is teaching future generations a craft that she came to love at age 4.

“It’s such a beautiful art form,” says Gulati. “I don’t think it will ever die.”

The Triveni troupe features dancers of all ages. Learn more at

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