Students join Governor at Anti-bullying Event

By Edward Donga
Boston University News Service 

BOSTON – Students from Brockton and Stoughton were among the 100 Massachusetts teens who joined Gov. Deval Patrick for a rally Thursday to raise awareness about bullying in schools.

“Stand up, show up and we as adults owe you young people the certainty that, when you do, we will have your back, that we will stand up, too, and not look the other way,” Patrick told the high school and middle school students, who wore black “Blackout Bullying” T-shirts as they marched from Boston Common to the Statehouse.

The rally began at a downtown theater for the screening of the movie “Bully,” a documentary about bullying in schools across the United States, before marching to the Statehouse, where Patrick proclaimed October to be Bullying Prevention Month.

“I get to do all kinds of fun things as governor, and one of them is to proclaim things, and I have a proclamation that I brought here today proclaiming October Bullying Prevention Month,” Patrick said.

The rally was organized by the Governor’s Youth Council, composed of 28 young people, two from each county, between the ages of 14 and 20. The council advises the administration on important youth issues across the state.

One of the two representatives from Plymouth County was Fabieny De Pina of Brockton.

“I think that the Blackout Bullying event will definitely make our youth council’s mission so much stronger in the sense that people are aware that we’re here to actually do something about it,” Danisha Dumornay, a Stoughton resident and representative for Norfolk County, said in an interview.

Students at the rally made their presence felt, far surpassing the youth council’s turnout expectations.

“What we were trying to do is have at least one person from each district in Massachusetts, but it’s come to be that there are groups from schools all over Massachusetts,” said Dumornay.

The Youth Council also launched this anti-bullying public service announcement:



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