OPINION: Is Banning “Bossy” the Best Option?

By Eden Hendricks
BU News Service

AUDIO: Many powerful women are afraid young females are not aiming to be leaders in the workplace because they don’t want to appear “bossy.” The “Ban Bossy” campaign wants to ban the word, so young girls will shoot for the top, but is banning the word really the right way to inspire girls? Commentator Eden Henricks shares her thoughts on the “Ban Bossy” Campaign on WTBU’s News Brunch.

The Snake Hunters of Southern Florida

Burmese Pythons and other invasive large snakes have a stranglehold on the South Florida ecosystem. Reporter Eden Henricks has the story from the eyes of someone who does his part to rid the swamps of these invasive species.

Flood Insurance Bill Advances on Beacon Hill

Lauren Dezenski, State House Correspondent for the Cape Cod Times and New Bedford Times, discusses the flood insurance bill in the Massachusetts legislature. The bill is part of the State’s efforts to help taxpayers deal with the rising costs of flood insurance and the federal government’s recently redrawn flood maps. BU News Service reporter Eden Henricks reports.

Adjunct Faculty at Lesley to Unionize

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BY Eden Henrick
BU News Service

Lesley University recently won a vote to unionize the adjunct faculty, making them the second local group of adjuncts to unionize, following Tufts University this past fall. Reporter Eden Henricks has the reaction at BU.

Health Connector’s Application Backlog

By Eden Hendricks
BU News Service

The Massachusetts Health Connector faces heaps of criticism for the 50,000 application backlog it has yet to process, but some experts say Massachusetts is really a trailblazer when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. Reporter Eden Henricks talks to Boston University Health Policy professor Jim Burgess, who says when it comes to adapting to the law, Massachusetts is ahead of the game.