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Volkswagen Reveals concept car with motion sensor technology at CES

By Justin Soto
BU News Service

LAS VEGAS – CES first-timer Volkswagen displayed two model vehicles at a press conference Monday afternoon at the Mandalay Bay convention center.  The Volkswagen e-Golf and the Volkswagen Golf R Touch took the stage as their featured premium vehicles for CES 2015.

“We want to be a part of the conversation at the industry’s premier event,” Volkswagen Head of Product Communications, Peter Thul said.

After an array of colored lights and European beats played in the auditorium, Thul jumped on stage to display their first vehicle.  The e-Golf is equipped with the (MIB II) infotainment system to incorporate a range of apps, smartphones and tablets via an interface system.  Volkswagen Car-Net uses Travel Link, e-Remote, Safe & Secure as well as App connect to build a relationship between smartphone and vehicle.  It’s a true smartphone operating system in a car.

This car creates a seamless relationship between smartphone and vehicle
Volkswagen reveals their white premium vehicle, the Volkswagen e-Golf.

MSRP is $35,445 for the current model, plus a shipping cost of $820 from their plant in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Yet the star of the show was the new Volkswagen concept car, the Golf R Touch.  Featuring three touch screen displays, gesture control and a live camera, interior motion sensor technology is the direction that Volkswagen wants to take its vehicles, offering a truly unique driving experience.

With 12.8 inch, 18 inch and 12.3 inch screens in this car, drivers can use touchscreen technology to raise music volume, make a reservation at a restaurant or use gesture control to lock doors and open the sunroof.  A simple movement of the hand from front to rear will open the sunroof while the reverse motion will close it.  The car recognizes precise human gestures to perform commands like no other, completely new driving capabilities from Volkswagen.  Their aim is to make the cars personable and intuitive while this infotainment system strives to reduce driver distraction and increase customer satisfaction.

The Volkswagen R Touch steals the show in its shiny red exterior.
The Volkswagen R Touch steals the show in its shiny red exterior.

“Volkswagen sets the pace for the automotive industry,” Volkswagen Head of Powertrain Development, Heinz Jakob Neusser said.  Partner companies such as Audi are following suit with their own vehicles and working with Volkswagen to refine this technology.

Pricing and where or when the car may first be released, is still unknown, but Volkswagen is looking to pave the way in tech with their concept car.

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