Campus Warned About Internet Scams

VIDEO: In the wake of recent Internet scams, the Boston University Department of Information Security is asking the community to be on high alert to avoid hacking.

Biking to a Beat

Greg Hum is hard to miss. He draw attention because he rides a drum bike, slapping sticks against plastic to break the morning tranquility.

One of Fitrec’s Best Kept Secrets

Early morning workouts combined with exhausted, caffeine-dependent college student isn’t necessarily an ideal match made in heaven. But what if a workout was presented in class form, where all students have to do is show up?

Double Majoring: Worth the Effort or Waste of Time?

For many college students, the fear of finding a job after graduation begins during their freshman and sophomore years when they are trying to pick a major. A weak job market with limited employment options has some students looking …

BU Prof.’s Test Kitchen Makes the Grade

If you live in Student Village 2 (Stuvi2 for short) at Boston University, you can quickly rattle off the closest dining locations to the building. What you might not know is that on the 23rd floor of Stuvi2, healthy and fresh food is being prepared every Wednesday night.

Bed Bugs Resurface on Campus

Rob Zappulla knew something wasn’t right when earlier this fall his roommate’s small collection of extreme Frisbee battle scars started multiplying across his arm.