Kennedys Found Solace in Newport, RI

Jerilyn Fauve was a young girl hiding behind a bouquet of flowers when she caught a glimpse of First Lady Jackie Kennedy at the front door of Hammersmith Farm.

Deep Roots in Family Church

By Brooke Jackson-Glidden BU News Service BOSTON — St. Stephen’s church, a white-trimmed brick building in the heart of Boston’s North End, is quiet for a Sunday afternoon. The morning Eucharist began at 10:30 a.m., and the congregation has dispersed by now. Tourists stroll past the doors and notice among the

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School Remembers its Famous Pupil

By Rachel McCubbin BU News Service BROOKLINE–To celebrate one of their former students, the Edward Devotion School, or “Devo” as the students and faculty call it, holds an annual essay contest on President John F. Kennedy’s birthday. Third graders from the school swarm the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

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John F. Kennedy School Of Government

By Ali Chaitin BU News Service CAMBRIDGE — Tucked into a pocket along the Charles River near Harvard Square, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of government memorializes the spirit of John F. Kennedy. “We are inspired by John F. Kennedy’s famous call to service: ‘Ask not what your country can do

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JFK Scored Touchdown in Fans’ Hearts

By Kyle Plantz BU New Service CAMBRIDGE — Fifty years ago in October, U.S. President John F. Kennedy paid his final visit to Boston, a place he called home. During his visit, he made an appearance at Harvard Stadium, where he was one of 15,000 fans who showed up to cheer

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Holyhood Cemetery: Family Resting Place

By Joseph Kennedy BU News Service BROOKLINE — Nestled into a quiet spot between Hammond Pond and the densely wooded Dane Park sprawls a clearing, dotted with headstones in stark contrast to the woods to the South and the bustling freeway just north. It is not difficult to miss or to

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Roses for Rose: JFK’s Mother

By Jada Montemarano BU News Service BOSTON — On a cool, crisp November day, Denise Labardi sat on a park bench admiring a small garden enclosed by a large cast iron gate. Orange and yellow leaves littered the ground and swirled as the wind blew. The garden was full of pink

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JFK’s Boston

From his boyhood home, to his favorite restaurant, take a tour of locations in the Boston area that are linked to the Kennedy family. (Tip: Click the “Read More” links on the place markers for full articles.)

Harvard Dorm Room Reflects JFK

By Isabel Schooler BU News Service CAMBRIDGE — A pristine view of the Charles River through an ivy-covered wrought iron fence could certainly soften some of the stress of college. That’s the view that John Fitzgerald Kennedy saw throughout his senior year through windows of his Winthrop House suite at

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