So you want to be a stool donor? – Infographic

While doctors treat most clostridium difficile gut infections with repeat rounds of antibiotics, stubborn cases call for unconventional treatment–fecal matter transplant. OpenBiome of Medford, Mass, is collecting stool donations from prescreened donors and sending them to hospitals across the country.

The Blame Game: Adrenaline Edition

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Richard Sherman’s comments following NFC championship game, the Seattle receiver blamed his action on adrenaline. But can adrenaline make you say things you don’t mean?

How Do Astronomers Find Exoplanets?

Given that the nearest exoplanet is 4.37 light-years, or 26.22 trillion miles, away from Earth, it is no simple task. So how do researchers find and analyze alien worlds?

Do Dolphins Commit Suicide?

This summer, hundreds of dolphins beached themselves along the coast of New England. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has tentatively pegged the cause of this particular dolphin die-off as a viral outbreak.

Can Prosthetics Sense Pain?

Over 1,500 soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan with missing limbs. Many amputees are looking to prosthetic limbs, but will the prosthetic limb be able to feel pain, softness, or coldness like the real thing?