New Parkinsons Drug Shows Positive Results in Rat Study

The seven to ten million people suffering from Parkinson’s can attest that the diagnosis is a harrowing one, foreshadowing an ever-changing cocktail of drugs, symptoms, and side effects for life. But, a new drug may have changed that- for rats at least.

Sloth Hair Harbors Medicinal Fungi

In the shaggy coat of a sloth lives a vast fungal community, churning out bioactive compounds that could one day serve as the basis for new drugs.

Stem Cells to Cure Disease

Boston-based researchers think they have hit upon a major development in stem cell studies, one which could benefit a large populations of patients suffering from inflammatory diseases.

The Push to Make Wind Farms Less Deadly

There is nothing more majestic than an eagle soaring through the sky, but the rise of renewable energy—especially wind energy—is encroaching on their airspace with deadly consequences.