Urban Agriculture On Rise

Farming in the city may seem counter-intuitive, but the trend of urban agriculture is on the rise. Boston is no exception.

Students Living With Chronic Disease

Being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and living a normal life as a student can sometimes seem at odds. Patrick Thomas reports on several students living with chronic diseases at BU.

Cod Industry Threatened

New England fishermen are facing huge cuts in their catch allotments this year, cuts that might put them out of business. Deedee Sun takes us to the port city of Gloucester to see how fishermen and conservation groups are preparing.

VIDEO: Bioterror Lab Open For Business?

Researchers in Boson University’s so-called bioterror lab are likely to start working with a deadly infectious disease next September, which has the community on edge. BUTV 10’s Alex Shi spoke with the lab directors about what they’re doing to calm those fears.

Good Dog! Bad Dog!

Reporter Kasha Patel reports on what motivates animals to be good or bad, and how it’s connected to human behavior

Can Prosthetics Sense Pain?

Over 1,500 soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan with missing limbs. Many amputees are looking to prosthetic limbs, but will the prosthetic limb be able to feel pain, softness, or coldness like the real thing?

How to Wrangle a Crocodile

It was like a sudden B-horror movie infestation – on January 24th up to 15,000 crocodiles swarmed out of the confines of Rakwena Crocodile Farm and poured out into the South African Limpopo River.

Three Bills Aim to Bar “Fracking”

Image: As the Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on gun control legislation in the coming weeks, one of Capitol Hill’s key players on the issue – Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. – already has staked out some positions in the debate. But he is awaiting more information before he makes up his mind on several key questions.

by Cole Chapman BOSTON —Although Massachusetts is not known for petroleum exploration, two bills have been filed in the Legislature to pre-emptively ban hydraulic fracturing – a natural gas extraction process better known as “fracking.” Rep. Denise Provost, D-Somerville, and Rep. Peter V. Kocot, D-Northampton, have co-sponsored one bill that

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VIDEO: Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer

BOSTON – A disturbing increase in cancer rates among young women is linked to tanning beds. Casey Grenet reports on the latest medical study and introduces us to a patient with regrets.