Feathery Fossil Makeovers

Scientists have slowly been accumulating a color bank for feathered dinosaurs by examining their fossils with high-powered microscopes.

The Frozen Poop Pill

New method introduced for fecal transplant increases safety and simplicity for C. difficile treatment.

One with the Tiger

Humans have always had a healthy respect for large predators. But when that fear and respect disappears, we start to have problems––and nowhere is this clearer than in the modern zoo.

Making Virtual Reality a Reality

Virtual reality technologies such as Oculus Rift and Magic Leap are becoming increasingly popular outside of the “gamer” crowd, but what could this trend mean for the development of young minds?

Climbing Closer to Space Vacations

Space travel for recreation, or space tourism, could become a reality this year. But while some people are fighting to get their name on a space shuttle waiting list, engineers are talking about an alternative mode of ascension, by elevator