The First Miracle Worker: The Story of Laura Dewey Bridgman

A generation before Helen Keller became famous, another deafblind student and her educator made a mark on history. Today, talented deafblind students continue to fascinate scientists and educators and help us learn more about the senses and the brain.

Parkinson’s Beyond the Brain

By the time a patient is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, seventy percent of the damage is already done. In an effort to understand the progression of the disease and diagnose it earlier, more and more scientists are moving their microscopes to the patient’s gut.

Feathery Fossil Makeovers

Scientists have slowly been accumulating a color bank for feathered dinosaurs by examining their fossils with high-powered microscopes.

The Frozen Poop Pill

New method introduced for fecal transplant increases safety and simplicity for C. difficile treatment.

Decreasing Deadly Desensitization

Once a savior to nurses and patients, excessive patient monitoring alarms in hospitals is leading to patient injuries and even deaths. Nurses and engineers are working together to reduce unnecessary alarms and improve patient care.

Condor Couples

The best-laid plans of zookeepers go awry in a vine-wreathed cage at the Franklin Park Zoo, as a condor conflict unfolds. Can two birds bond to ensure the future of their species?

One with the Tiger

Humans have always had a healthy respect for large predators. But when that fear and respect disappears, we start to have problems––and nowhere is this clearer than in the modern zoo.