Video: Inaugural Crowd Takes in D.C.

President Barack Obama took the official oath of office on Sunday as visitors swarmed into Washington, D.C., for the ceremonial swearing-in and festivities on …

Young Want More Focus on Their Issues

IMAGE: A vendor hawks unofficial inauguration memorabilia in Washington, D.C on the eve of the ceremony. (Photo by Michael Cummo/BU News Service)

Younger voters, some of whom helped President Obama return to the White House for another term, are expressing dissatisfaction with the president and …

VIDEO: Local Band Wolfie Burns Seeks Their Sound

BOSTON — Punk band Wolfie Burns describes themselves as “the band your buddy from AA told you about.” Reporter Eden Henricks checked out one of their local concerts to see how they plan to get their big break one show at a time.

VIDEO: BU Figure Skater

BOSTON- BU student Jimmy Morgan is a master on the ice. Reporter Alessandra Martinez talks to the skater about his challenges on and off the ice.

VIDEO: Live Jazz at the GSU

BOSTON — Nothing takes the edge off of finals week like live jazz. Samantha Fama headed to the GSU to check out the show, courtesy of the BU Jazz Ensemble.

VIDEO: Barbershop a Melting Pot

Allston- Sometimes, barber shops offer more than just a shave and a haircut. Alex Hyacinthe reports from one right in the heart of Allston.

VIDEO: Candy Land

QUINCY MARKET — Get on board (game) for the sweetest deal in Boston. Honah Liles takes us to Quincy Market for the 8th annual Candy Land tournament.

VIDEO: Seal of Approval

BOSTON- Jeanna Radzinkski got up close and personal with someone at the New England Aquarium. His name is Charles and he was really curious why she was in his tank.

VIDEO: Finals and Stress

BOSTON — Finals week brings on the stress among students writing papers, finishing projects and study for exams. Patrick Thomas has the story.