VIDEO: SantaCon Boston

BOSTON- What could be more fun than bar hopping around the city of Boston with a bunch of Santas? Andrew French shows us.

VIDEO: NHL Lockout

BOSTON — The NHL lockout is going into its third month. Cam Bird reports little progress on negotiations between hockey players and team owners.

VIDEO: AIDS Awareness

BOSTON- More than one hundred Boston University students played in a three on three soccer tournament, showing support for World AIDS Day. Andy Bunker reports all the proceeds are going to promote AIDS awareness in Africa.

VIDEO: Doggie Tree Lighting

SOUTH END — Tree lightings aren’t just for humans anymore. Deedee Sun takes us to Boston’s South End for one get-down pet party sponsored by the Animal Rescue League.

VIDEO: Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer

BOSTON – A disturbing increase in cancer rates among young women is linked to tanning beds. Casey Grenet reports on the latest medical study and introduces us to a patient with regrets.