VIDEO: Shutdown Affecting D.C. Area Food Trucks

Food truck sales in Washington D.C. have plummeted over the last week as the government shutdown continues, but a Boston University alum is finding ways to keep his food truck business afloat. Washington correspondent Brittnee Exum has the story.

VIDEO: BU Farmer’s Market Comes To Campus

Finally, college food means more than just the dinning hall. This fall, seven vendors from around the Boston area participated in BU’s Farmer’s Market…BUTV 10’s Jo Huo takes us to a new kind of marektplace on campus.

VIDEO: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month, all over the country, things are a little…pink. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month across the country– and here at BU. BUTV 10’s Jennia Iordanou has more.

Shutdown DC: BU Student Interns Sent Home

Video: Boston University students studying in the Washington D.C. Program with government internships were sent home early due to the shutdown. Our Washington Correspondent, Brittnee Exum reports.

Shutdown Boston: Historic Sites Impacted

Video: Federal offices, parks and popular historical sites in Boston are closed during the government shutdown.Thousands of federal workers in the Bay State are furloughed and sites ranging from …

Campaign Experience

VIDEO: What’s it like to intern on a mayoral campaign? BU News Service’s Katarina Luketich checks in with Danny O’Halloran, who’s getting experience on the Marty Walsh campaign.