Sports Roundup: In Coaches Vs. Cancer, Fundraising Wins; Patriots Have Luck

Good Morning BU’s Keiko Talley interviews Connor Lenahan

By Alex Hirsch
BU News Service

On Sunday the Boston University Men’s Basketball team played in the American Cancer Society Coaches Vs. Cancer Tripleheader at the TD Garden, in which UMass, Harvard, Boston College, Northeastern and Holy Cross all were participants.  Each school raised money for cancer research that will be donated to the ACS.  The two schools that raised the most money have a representative participate in a free throw shootout against each other.

For Boston University, Connor Lenahan, a sophomore communications student who suffers from a rare disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta,  also known as Brittle Bones Disease, represented the school.  This disease affects his everyday life and requires him to have a wheel chair close by at all times.  One of his dreams is to play basketball, a challenge for someone with his condition.  But, he was able to play on the sacred parquet floor of the Garden as Boston University was able to raise $1,835, five dollars more than the second place school, Harvard University.

While Boston University did lose their season opener to Northeastern 71-65, it can hardly be a called a loss when the team got to watch their dear friend shoot free throws from his wheel chair.  Speaking with Good Morning BU reporter Keiko Talley, Lenahan exclaimed: “At least I got to score on the Garden floor!”

More important to him was the honor of helping raise money for the worthy cause of cancer research.  While Lenahan does not suffer from the disease, he explained in an interview with me that, “Everyone, in one way or another, has been affected by cancer at some point in their lives…and the thought that I would be able to potentially help in some way or another and try to raise money…would be wonderful.”




The Patriots faced the Colts Sunday night in a showdown of two of the top teams in football.  Once again, the real story was Andrew Luck vs. Tom Brady.  Young vs. Old.  And like the previous two times, Tom Brady and the Patriots showed the Colts that they are not ready for the big stage just yet, pounding the Colts 42-20.

Jonas Gray, who was a practice squad member earlier this year, got a chance to establish himself as the lead running back for the Patriots after a disappointing game two weeks ago against the Broncos, ran right down the Colts throats, compiling 199 yards on 38 carries and four touchdowns.  Gray tied a franchise record with the four scores.

Of interesting note, Gray ran the ball 8 times more than Brady threw the ball, a feat that is hardly accomplished in the NFL these days, especially on teams with elite quarterbacks such as the Patriots.  This just goes to show how great of a team the Patriots really are.  They do not simply rely upon Brady, but game-plan to exploit the other teams weaknesses.

The Patriots road does not get much easier as the Detroit Lions come to town for what figures to be another tough matchup this Sunday.

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