Rape Culture Round Up

Rape culture is hard to define. Buzzfeed has tried to tackle it, The Atlantic has written about it, and numerous feminist blogs attempt to define this particular topic. But what is rape culture, really? In this piece, members of Boston University’s Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism talk about what rape culture means to them, and where BU stands as a safer space.

For Bhaswati Chattopadhyay, the Robin Thicke show at Agganis Arena is a classic example of rape culture at work. She’s a member of Humanists of Boston University, which organized the petition and protest against the show tonight. The BU Administration has no control over the acts that play Agganis Arena. The protest begins at 5:30 tonight, March 4.

BU News Service reporter Brooke Jackson-Glidden reports.

“Blurred Lines” Singer Brings Controversy to BU

By Andre Khatchaturian and Iris Moore
BU News Service

A petition has been started by BU students trying to keep Robin Thicke from performing at Agganis Arena on March 4th. Reporter Andre Khatchaturian reports from the arena where he talks about the controversy.