Boston Ramping Up Security for Marathon

By Andre Khatchaturian
BU News Service

State officials announced heightened security measures for the 2014 Boston Marathon, discouraging spectators from bringing in a variety of items from backpacks to coolers for the event.

After last year’s bombing, there was much speculation that security would be enhanced this year. Approximately 3,500 police officers will be present during the event, which is more than double from last year.

Officials said that police may ask spectators to go through security checkpoints to ensure the safety of others. The use of backpacks is discouraged and officials are asking people to bring in clear bags instead. Officials also released a list of items that people are also discouraged to bring. The list includes suitcases, glass containers, handbags, sleeping bags, and even costumes.

The grandstand section of the Marathon will also have tight security. No one without a BAA invitation will be allowed to sit in the grandstand section at the end of the Marathon and everyone entering will be screened.

Finally, “bandit runners”, who are runners not officially registered that run in the Marathon, will not be allowed to participate this year.