Suspect Identified; Conflicting Reports on Arrest

The AP reports that police are on the search for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. Video surveillance shows the individual leaving a large black duffel bag at 755 Boylston St. Parts of a similar duffel bag was found in the debris after Monday’s explosions, and officials believe the bag contained the explosives.

After conflicting reports regarding a possible Wednesday afternoon arrest, the FBI reported that no arrest has been made. Police don’t know the name of the suspect for whom they search, and are now trying to identify the individual from the video footage.

The Associated Press and CNN had reported that officials had a suspect in custody after two different videos showed images of the suspect, and an official briefed on the investigation reported that a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was about to be arrested. The AP reported the information on the condition of anonymity, as the official was not yet authorized to release details.

Another source reported to CNN that new evidence came in the form of video analysis.

It is still unclear whether the bombing was domestic or foreign terrorism. The explosives used — a set of pressure cookers — resemble attacks from both domestic and foreign groups.


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