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Started as Class Project

The new BU News Service app is available for iPhone.
The new BU News Service app is available for iPhone.

The Boston University News Service is ready to make the jump from your computer to your iPhone. Begun as a class project, the BU News Service app was developed by Randall Spence, a recent BU computer science grad.  Spence began work on the application in a computer science course last spring but spent nearly a month of his personal time after the class had ended putting it together and bringing it iTunes app store.

“It was exhausting,” said Spence, speaking of the time it took to build the application and get it approved for the app store. The design came from John Hughes, a personal friend of Spence’s. Hughes is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and helped create a mock-up that they put into action on the mobile front.

The application has gone through a few updates since it’s inception, said Spence, who continues to maintain and upgrade it as new bugs and issues arise. Spence, who will soon be returning to Boston for work, said the application helped him learn some of the ins-and-outs of development. His current projects include mobile games he’s developing with Hughes.

— Fink Densford

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