City Preps For Game 6: What You Need To Know

photoBy Honah Liles
BU News Service

It’s a night nearly 100 years in the making. The Red Sox stand poised for a possible World Series win at Fenway Park as the series comes home for games six and, if necessary, seven. The last time the Red Sox clinched the championship at home, Babe Ruth was still in Boston red and navy blue.  The last time the Sox even had the chance to win the series at home in game six, Carl Yastrzemski was leading the charge.

In short, for a city that has seen what many outsiders consider more than it’s fair share of professional sports championships, it’s been a lifetime since the Red Sox claimed the Commissioner’s Trophy in front of a hometown crowd.

If there’s one thing Boston sports fans are known for, it’s that their victory celebrations can sometimes get out of hand, or even dangerous.  It’s not just Red Sox Nation getting ready for possible victory celebrations tonight: city officials and the Boston Police Department are also preparing. While police they say they’re confident the events will go off smoothly, they are increasing security, parking restrictions and police presence.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • On-street parking will be restricted in much of the Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood.
  • Parking restrictions are also in place in Brighton, near Northeastern University, Faneuil Hall and North Station.
  • Even vehicles with resident parking stickers will not be able to park in the restricted areas.
  • City officials are urging businesses to let employees go home around 4 p.m. to beat the rush.
  • Police will have extra bodies on duty, including officers in regular street clothes—not riot gear—mixed in with the crowd.
  • Even foot traffic will be restricted. After the seventh inning, no one new will be allowed into the Fenway area—yes, even on foot—and anyone who leaves will not be allowed to return.
  • Also worth noting: President Obama will be speaking at Faneuil Hall at 4 p.m. today, shutting down much of that area.

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