Police Shoot, Kill Woman in DC Chase

Photos by Taylor Hartz

Taylor Hartz
BU News Service

WASHINGTON — Police officers on Capitol Hill shot and killed a woman driving a black Infiniti Thursday after she attempted to crash through barricades at the White House before leading police on a chase toward the U.S. Capitol.

Witnesses said there was a young child inside the car who was taken into custody. U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said police fired to stop the woman’s car, and that one officer was injured when his car was struck during the chase.

Chief Cathy Lanier of the Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia, said that a woman driving a black Infiniti coupe first breached security barriers on the east side of the White House. The vehicle was then chased by police to the west side of the Capitol where the vehicle struck a police car

As the chase unfolded, police locked down the area around Capitol Hill and blockaded streets surrounding the Senate office buildings along Constitution Avenue. Homeland Security, U.S. Capitol Police, D.C. Metropolitan Police and the FBI responded.

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