So you want to be a stool donor? – Infographic

By Judith Lavelle
BU News Service

In recent years, clostridium difficile—an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that causes severe diarrhea—has become an growing health concern in the United States. (It caused nearly 15,000 deaths in 2007, the last year for which statistics are available.) While doctors treat most clostridium difficile gut infections with repeat rounds of antibiotics, stubborn cases call for unconventional treatment. A fecal matter transplant helps populate an ill person’s gut with healthy bacteria, which can help clear up dangerous levels of clostridium difficile.

Family members or friends usually provide the transplantable stool. But OpenBiome of Medford, Mass, is collecting stool donations from prescreened donors and sending them to hospitals across the country. Donors receive $40 for each donation, but not everyone qualifies to donate. Below, we’ve created an infographic to explore what factors commonly disqualify those interested in joining the registry.

Stool Donor Infographic - Lavelle - EDITS2
Infographic by Judith Lavelle

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