Special Report:
Boston 2024

Olympian Task or Guaranteed Gold?

Amid divided public support and concerns about funding, the bid to bring the 2024 Summer Olympic Games here continues as the Boston committee met with the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland today. This special report looks at the pros, the cons, the athletes and the potential roles that Boston’s renowned  institutions of higher learning could play if the Olympic torch is lit here.
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Home Field Advantage:
Games in Boston Could Boost US Medals

Boston is arguably known in American history as much for its sports as firing the first shot in the American Revolution, yet some residents don’t want anything to do with hosting one of the biggest sporting events in the world. However, there’s a bonus to hosting the Olympic games in the U.S. that they may not have considered, Katie Peverada writes.  Story

Colleges, Universities Eye Benefits
of Offering Facilities for Games

Although plans are up in the air, Boston-area colleges and universities are weighing the idea of their campuses being used as venues for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Story

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