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BU News Service Covers the 2012 Election

Recap: The first big news story for the BU News Service — Election 2012. Here’s a look back at how we covered the polls, candidate headquarters, the scene in Washington, DC, and broadcast live on election night. (Credit: Chris Walker/JO 304)

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And we’re live! Say hello to the new Boston University News Service and follow our coverage of Election 2012. #bunews Johnson
As reports came in from the field, a team worked to get the news out from the BU News Service newsroom, posting updates to a live blog, producing live shows on television and radio, and updating
RT @BUNewsService: Everyone in the Ezratti newsroom is waiting for the final outcome… #bunews
RT @BUNewsService: The @WTBUNews simulcast is running. You can listen and call in at 617-353-6400 #bunews News
View for the #Decision2012 desk #BUNews Reed
We are covering election tonight! #bunewsYancey Lu
Students in our Washington, DC, program contributed to our live blog, filling updates from DC watch parties and from the scene in front of the White House.
Rally at the White House #bunews Hagen
Cheers, claps, and yells of "YES!" from the crowd at Capitol Hill Liaison Hotel in response to Claire McCaskill’s win #Decision2012 #BUnewsRhiannon Pabich
RT @mrmisterbill: At 11:05 there were about 75-100 people on this block #BUnews
BU News Service reporters were stationed in the press room at Romney HQ at the Boston Convention Center. Reporter Dan Wroclawski hard at work.
@Bunewsservice hard at work #bunews #mavote Wood
From @butv10 — about 1200 news media outlets estimated to be present at Romney HQ. #bunewsSamantha Wood
Now waiting for Romney. Should be any minute. And I have 10 percent of my phone battery left. #bunewsTim Healey
According to security outside the Boston Convention Center, all the streets around the building are closed. #RomneyRyan #bunews #mavoteTim Healey
Election night photos shot by BU News Service photojournalism students featured in a slideshow.
PhotosMouse over the player and click the Pause icon to pause the slideshow, the List icon on the left to see more photo albums, or the Fullscr…
Our reporters stationed at Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown and Joe Kennedy HQs filed reports throughout the night.
Press is ready- 8 min before public arrives at #Warren HQ #BUNews Sheasley
Hundreds turned out to support Kennedy. #bunews #maVote Hatic
We also had our people in the streets, at voting stations, taking pictures and talking with people like this Warren supporter.
"Elizabeth Warren is much better at fighting for issues for the average citizen." Marc D’Amore at City Hall #bunews Calvin Baker
Lines extending from basement level, upstairs and through front doors at BPL. #bunews Boroyan
Economy and Women’s Rights dominating important issues poll of 50 voters for Precinct 9 at the BPL. Over 60% in those two categories #bunewsEric Calvin Baker
People Votingbunewsservice
The winner senate race has been decided.
Brown’s bid falls short #bunewsBUNewsService
Scott Brown Defatedbunewsservice
Warren wins senate seat #bunewsBUNewsService
"She won fair and square" says Brown of Warren via Boston Channel 7 #bunewsDaniel Wroclawski
From my mobile phone with #qik Wood
The team used a variety of social media tools including, Instagram, Twitter and panorama photos to do their reporting and also provided an overview of what they were seeing throughout the evening.
Here’s a 360 degree panorama from inside the press filing center at Romney HQ #bunews Wroclawski
Panorama of the DSCC/DCCC #Election2012 Event mid-prep near Capitol Hill #BUnews Pabich
Make sure to check out our new Instagram pictures from the day #bunewsBUNewsService
For those unaware, the Romney campaign charged $1000 per media member for tonight. Student rate was $250/person. #bunews #mavoteTim Healey
Our Romney team made it to the press center! @BUNewsService #BUnews #election2012 Wroclawski
@bunews is on the scene at the Romney HQ press center. Stay tuned for our live blog coverage. #jelection
International Media Cover Election from Romney Headquartersbunewsservice
As the polls closed and results started to trickle in, BU News Service ramped up the coverage.
The BU News Service newsroom is in full swing. Live blog is up and running. Newscast starts at 8. #bunewsMichelle Johnson
Boston Globe reporting a record 73% turnout in Mass #BUnewsKelly Catalfamo
“@NECN: #Massachusetts voters approve Question 3, medical marijuana, according to @AP #mapoli #election2012” #bunewsMike Neff
WTBU is now airing a live simulcast. Tune in for interviews and more, and don’t forget that you can call in at 617-353-6400!JO 540
#bunews We are working! Copley Plaza Hotel for Elizabeth Warren tonite at 8! @bunewsservice chen
The polls are almost closed on the East Coast but be sure to check out all the coverage from @BUNewsService at #bunewsEric Calvin Baker
It’s past 8 p.m. and polls on the East Coast are closed. is still running strong with election maps and more! #bunewsBUNewsService
Tom Fiedler, Dean of the College of Communication offered expert analysis on TV and radio and watched results from the newsroom.
Dean Tom Fiedler joins the conversation live on Bu’s WTBU radio streaming online #budecision2012 #BUNews Relick
RT @BUNewsService: Scott Brown is conceding #bunews Lisenby
Election results start to roll in.
#RomneyRyan HQ crowd applauds CNN’s announcement that the GOP retains control of the House. #bunewsTim Healey
Our election map shows a couple red states and one blue state. Check it out! #bunewsBUNewsService
"The next senator for the people of Massachusetts is Elizabeth Warren" – MA gov Deval Patrick #BUNews @wtbunews Nelson
The crowd goes wild as Warren is announced as projected winner #bunews Whalen
Elizabeth Warren won the MA senate seat, medicinal marijuana has been legalized and more #bunewsBUNewsService
Brown’s Bid Falls ShortBy Jim Morrison Boston University News Service BOSTON – Less than two years after celebrating his unexpected victory in a special electio…
And like that, we now have the successor to the legend, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.
Kennedy takes Barney Frank’s seat. First time in more than 30 years that MA Fourth District will have rep other than Frank. #bunewsMike Neff
RT @Dana_Hatic: Kennedy wins MA4 as Obama reported to take Ohio, NH and Wisconsin. #bunews #maVote Wagner
Kennedy Elected to HouseBy Dana Hatic Boston University News Service NEWTON – Jeff Cox came to Newton to witness history. "This is the next generation, and he’s …
#mapoli #bunews Current numbers on Question 2 Assisted Physician Suicide via @wcvb Neff
Obama’s Win Confirmed.
AP: Obama wins re-election #bunewsDaniel Wroclawski
Obama and Warren Winbunewsservice
Monitoring the reaction.
And they go even wilder as Obama is projected president in swing state Pennsylvania #bunews Whalen
Matthew Reed questions Dean Fiedler about a Obama second term on the Decision 2012 newscast.
Obama’s 2nd Termbunewsservice
GOP strategist Mike Murphy tells NBC News that Republicans need to modernize conservativism if they want to win an election #bunewsDaniel Wroclawski
After a long evening, the crew covers Romney’s concession speech and the crowd reacting to Romney’s words, right from the floor of the event.
Romney: "Besides my wife Ann, Paul’s the greatest choice I ever made." #bunews Healey
Election 2012 comes to a close and coverage wraps up.
Alright folks, a solid 27 hours after first signing on, this is Rhiannon Pabich signing off for #BUnews coverage of #Election2012. :)Rhiannon Pabich
That wraps up coverage from Warren HQ from me and @olivia_nelson24 check out #bunews tmr for recap of #Decision2012Michelle
First floor of Romney HQ has significantly cleared out since last photo. #bunews Wood

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