Sox Introduce Panda Bear and Welcome Home Hanley


Ben Cherington welcomes Pablo Sandoval at his introductory press conference.
Ben Cherington welcomes Pablo Sandoval at his introductory press conference.

By Alex Hirsch
BU News Service

The Boston Red Sox introduced both Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez today, two of the top free agents in baseball.  Sandoval, nicknamed Panda Bear, signed a five year $95 million contract with a  sixth year team option, and Ramirez signed a four year 88 million dollar contract with a fifth year team option.

Of the two signings, Sandoval is the more shocking of the two.  At just 28 years old, he has enjoyed immense success in the Bay Area playing for the San Francisco Giants, winning three World Series in the past five years.  The Giants matched the Red Sox contract offer, but it looks like there may be some bad blood lingering after the Giants offered Panda a low-ball contract this past spring.

Sandoval said he was ready for the challenge of playing in Boston and looks forward to playing with Ramirez and David Ortiz, which he has already dubbed, “The Three Amigos”.  He also denied speculation that he would eventually be a DH, stating, “I am gonna be a third baseman for this team through the rest of my career.”

Meanwhile, Hanley Ramirez expressed his desire to return to the team which he started with.  Hanley wanted to come home.  Ramirez, upon entering free agency actually contacted his agent Andy Katz, asking to go back to the Sox.  Ben Cherington stated how it is rare that a player of Hanley’s caliber notify a team of his desire to play for them.  But it certainly was a welcomed phone call, and Hanley is happy to be home.

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